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Travel Guide to Melgaço


General Information About Melgaço



Melgaço, the northernmost county in Portugal, is known for its landscapes, history, gastronomy and the well-appreciated and well-known variety of vinho verde, Alvarinho.

With a total area of 238.25 km² and 9 213 inhabitants (2011) divided into 13 parishes, the county is limited to the north and east by the region of Galiza, meets with the Rio Minho and is located in an important mountainous region, whose patrimonial values and environmental are an internationally recognized reference (Gerês-Xurés Transboundary Biosphere Reserve).


 Melgaço region is typically minhota inserted in the only National Park in Portugal, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, has a unique historical, cultural and architectural heritage.

Melgaço is a land rich in traditions, stories, legends and testimonies of past experiences and unique in its tasty gastronomy.


The municipality of Melgaço has been affirming itself as a reference of quality and offering of traditional products, with native breeds and local products certified to be a tourist attraction today. Two products that stand out are the Alvarinho wine and the fumeiro.


Melgaço has two important events annually. The Festa do Alvarinho and Fumeiro a gastronomic show, is intended to promote the Alvarinho wine, but also the Fumeiro.

The second takes place during the month of August, integrating the Melgaço Documentary Festival, and celebrates the culture of the county, while celebrating the return to land of many emigrants.

The festival calendar also includes other events such as the Sparkling Feast, the March of Saint John or the Fower Carpets that adorn the streets during the Feast of the Corpo de Deus.

Melgaço Culture and History


In Parada do Monte, in Gave and in the plateau of Castro Laboreiro, the megalithic tombs, the mammals, testify to the millennial presence of man. Right next to it, at the beginning of nationality, a firm castle was erected against the Galician-Leonese invaders.

We can not forget the dozens of fishing on the banks of the Rio Minho, as well as the convents, churches and chapels, some of Romanesque traces. All this heritage symbolizes the history of Melgaço throughout the ages.


Melgaço goza de um património histórico, natural e cultural raro e inigualável. Tem uma grande diversidade de valores culturais que fazem a história das diferentes épocas, desde a Pré-História até nossos tempos. O legado arqueológico de Melgaço é rico e diversificado, basta olhar para os monumentos megalíticos, castelos e monumentos ligados à arquitetura religiosa, civil e militar.

What to visit


Church of São Salvador de Paderne

The origins of the church are Romanesque, but it was subjected to significant alterations in the Baroque period. It used to pertain to a feminine Order that, in 1225, was substituted by the Ordem dos Cónegos Regrantes de Santo Agostinho. Visit the inside of the church - passing through the interesting Romanesque portal - and be amazed with the 17th century tiles on one of the walls, the golden carved retable on the main chapel and the many wooden polychrome figures. From the former church, dated from the 12th century, there’s only a frieze fragment and an interesting capital depicting the Harrowing of Hell.

Megalithic Necropolis of Castro Laboreiro Plateau

The megalithic Necropolis of the Castro Laboreiro Plateau, with about 62 monuments, is one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, being implanted in an area that also includes the province of Galicia. It is thought that these monuments date from the Vth and IV millennium BC. Although they have not been studied to the fullest extent, most of the monuments are isolated, often dominating the landscape, or organized in groups, together with the main natural monuments and the River Laboreiro and its tributaries.


Melgaço Castle

It was built by Dom Afonso Henriques in the 12th / 13th century. There is only one quadrangular tower, with three floors and a roof, and part of the old medieval village. In its quadrangular tower we can now find the Museological Nucleus of the Tower of Menagem. Here you can know a little about the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of Melgaço.

Melgaço Night Life

Melgaço known for its rich and tasty gastronomy is also known for the excellence of Alvarinho wine, unique in the world, which reveals the close connection between the territory and the people who have been inhabiting it throughout the ages.

Melgaço is a mandatory route for lovers of good food. The visitor can enjoy and delight in the products that, after being made, offer a touch of good traditional flavor.

The cuisine of this region is simple but of great traditional quality, having a direct relation between the food of the region and the typical traditional dishes.

Popular Restaurants in Melaço

Adega Sabino
Lg Hermenegildo Solheiro, Melgaço Tel. : 351 251 404 576
Adega do Sossego
Lugar do Peso 4935-000 Paderne +351 251 404 308
Largo Amadeu Abilio Lopes, Melgaço +351 251 403 400
Cantinho Do Adro
R. Direita 16, 4960-542 Melgaço Tel. : + 351 251 414 177

Famous Bar's in Melgaço

LC Café
Rua de São Tiago - Vila Melgaço Tel. : +351 251 401 072
Bar das Termas
Peso, Melgaço Tel. : ++351 936 181 692
Rio Bar
Rua Rio do Porto, Melgaço Tel. : +351 000 000 000
Sorriso Bar, Melgaço
ua Velha, Melgaço Tel. : +351 000 000 000

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