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Restaurant Traça

Restaurante A Traça
Porto, Portugal


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General Information About Restaurant Traça

In Largo de S. Domingos, next to the Palace of Arts and in the historic center of Porto, Traça Restaurant is installed, since June 2011. In an old building where once a drugstore and a stationery shop once worked, this space has been totally remodeled. Trying to maintain the memory of a seventeenth-century building, preserving the materials used at the time, objects and decoration, such as the floor to imitate ancient tiles, iron pieces and the slate board where you can read the menu suggestions.



Restaurante Traça


 Tipo Cozinha Traditional cuisine of Iberian influence.
 Alguns Pratos Confit of veal shank with vodka and panadeira potatoes (for 2), Deer loin carpaccio, Octopus in the oven, Cecina salad w/ goat cheese, Triple chocolate cold pie.
Serviço Table service, Esplanade.
 Preço Médio  25,00€
 Pagamento  American Express , Cartão Mastercard , Cartão Visa
 Bar Yes
 Estilo / Ambiente Informal
 Área fumadores  No
 Horário Lunch – 2ª à 6ª 12:00h às 15:00 – Sáb  12:00h às 16:00h.  Dinner – 2ª à 5ª 19:00h às 23:30h – 6ª e Sáb 19:30h à 01:00h
 Dia de Fecho  Sunday
 Reservas Yes.
 Linguas Faladas Spanish, English
 Estacionamento Public, parking at 50 mt.
 Transportes Publicos Subway

Restaurante Traça - Menu

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