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Crossing Serra da Estrela

Crossing Serra da Estrela

General Information About Crossing Serra da Estrela


Discovery the amazing landscapes of this extraordinary portuguese mountains. Taste the excelent gastronomy.

Tour Detail

PICK UP MODEBy Car from Hotel or another acommodation of holidays, in LISBON.

Detailed Tour Description

Day 1:

Departure from Lisbon at 15h – Upon arrival at the campsite Pião (Covilhã) -Dinner in the restaurant. Overnight stay on the campsite Pião.

Day 2:

After breakfast we gonna start the crossing of Serra da Estrela. Our objective is to lunch in mountain village of Penhas da Saúde, in a local restaurant. A good restaurant, with an amazing gastronomy of Serra da Estrela. After the lunch, we will pass near by Lagoa of Viriato. Viriato was a Lusitanian warrior who fought against the Romans in the Serra da Estrela. The lake of Viriato has a dam, taking advantage of the most abundant natural resource that the Serra da Estrela offers, the water. This water is sent to the city of Covilhã. After this lake, our next stop is the Covão de Ferro Valley. During this trail, we wil see the three guardians of Serra da Estrela, huge granite rocks, the Cântaro Raso, Magro e Gordo. In Valley Covão de Ferro, allow yourself to be enchanted by its beauty and grandeur. We will go up by one of the slopes which gives access to the upper plateau of the Serra da Estrela. On hour more and we are in the summit at the end of the day. Completed the photo of summit, we will depart toward our place of overnight accommodation, a mountain refuge, where we can take a shower of hot water and sleep peacefully.

Day 3:

After a good night of sleep and a good breakfast, we will begin to lower one of the most impressive glacial valley of the Serra da Estrela, the glacial valley of Loriga. Breathtaking landscapes and extreme beauty will be a constant. To reach the village of Loriga, we will return by transport to the Penhas da Saúde, where we hold a fantastic dinner. After dinner, it is time to return to Lisbon.



Price Includes

What is included in the season from April to November?
Transport of Lisbon to the location of the activity and return to Lisbon at the end of the activity.
Technical Monitoring of mountain guide duly certified by National School of Mountaineering and Institute of Sport in Portugal with 18 years of experience. ‘
Individual Tent.
Transfer from Loriga to Penhas da Saúde at the end of activitie.
2 Dinners in a local restaurant in the Serra da Estrela.
1 Lunch in a local restaurant in the Serra da Estrela.
1 Night on the campsite, with a shower of hot water and breakfast included (1 sandwiches and juice or milk).
1 Night at the mountain refuge, with a shower of hot water.
Liability Insurance and Personal Accident.
In addition to these previous items discriminated, when the activity is performed from December to March in addition the following material included:

List of individual equipment required

Sun hat.
1 Dinner.
1 Breakfast.
1 Lunch.
1 Pair of mountaineering gloves.
1 Cap
2 Thermal t-shirt’s.
2 Polar jacket.
1 Waterproof jacket of mountaineering.
1 Pair of mountaineering pants.
1 Pair of mountaineering boots .
2 pairs of socks for mountaineering.
Backpack with capacity to carry the helmet and harness of Trilhos e Cumes.
1 Bottled Water 1.5 Lt or 1 water canteen 1.5 Lt.
1 Sleeping bag.
1 Thermarest Camprest Self-Inflatable or similiar.
Change of underwear for two days.
Hygiene: Brush and toothpaste, slippers for the bath, bath towel, shampoo and shower gel, deodorant